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They Can't Take That Away From You: Storing up Treasures in Heaven

Don't store up treasures on Earth where "moth and rust do corrupt", rather store them up in Heaven . . . presumably because treasures in heaven would be everlasting.

Treasures in Heaven, now that's something they can never take away from you, heavenly treasures are truly with you always, enriching your life more and more every hour of everyday. Appreciating in value giving meaning to the facts of your life, a meaning that seems to get a little clearer the longer you prevail. A little Dividend Reinvestment seems called for here, especially if it leads to the eventual viewing of your life's meaning "face to face" prior to its end.

An Argument for the passive voice.

Until today I always put the emphasis on They in the saying, They can't take that away from me. Granted it is in the active voice, but it has a sorta victim posture inherent in it. Could it be, the unfortunate things that happen to us, may not always be the intended consequences of a well thought out plan by a force set on destroying us? Rather it might just be a mathematical accident, caused by random chaos. No Conscious Actors at all. Once in awhile there may be no They, only chance, random chance. In that case, you'd still have to go with storing treasures in Heaven, because not only is it a moth and rust free place, but these treasures cannot be taken from you, with or without a THEY, your treasures cannot be taken from you.

Reality Check?

They can however take the following things from you with impunity:

Your time, your money, your reputation, your self respect, your health, and your hope for the future.

Makes Me Wanna Cry

The saddest thing about Facebook is reading the off the shelf, political party talking points in your friends posts. It is so disappointing to find that even people whom you know to have intellectual capacity, have become too lazy to be inquisitive. When someone I respected posts the dimwit sound byte of the day, with the condescending smug satisfaction of those too entitled to have to think for themselves, I want to shake them and say Do Your Own Homework!