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Mary Magdalene the Hidden Apostle

Enjoyable, though not quite as thorough as they try to make you think. The aspects of her life that they do cover are well done.

Deeply moving portrayal of Mary of Magdala by an accomplished actor. The story line takes what seems sensible license filling in the blanks of her life before she met up with Jesus. This telling of her story writes in a relationship between her and John the Baptist, and places her present and witness to Salome ask for John the Baptist's head on a silver platter.  This story also develops Mary's reputation for being a healer.  Though this movie won't sit well with some scholars, it's not an unbelievable account. It's merely an unverified account. Nonetheless a lovely movie and surprisingly engaging since we already know how the story ends.
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  лComplete turkey, rent if you must, don't buy this. You will be stunned by how ridiculous this guy, William Henry sounds. Its a real nut convention when he opens the floor for questions from the audience. I watched this thing with the Rosettagrams readers in mind and I feel I must warn you. Do not spend money on this and don't waste your weekend Netflix picks on this either, there's more than one disk and you won't believe just how soporific it is. Without a doubt the biggest waste of time. The whole dvd set is just sewn together swatches of hokum and homonyms. Total Nonsense and gobbledygook! Life is too short to waste on this shallow, ill thought out, crap.

BTW:  William Henry is a wonderful guy, educated and credible in just about every other thing he has written or recorded.