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This beautiful new medal which commemorates the Life and Legends of Mary Magdalene is simply like none you've ever seen before.
This is a custom medal made only for
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It comes in Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold Filled and 14KT Gold. There are two sizes 1&1/2 inches in diameter and 15/16 inch in diameter (the smaller being the size of a US quarter).

Mary Magdalene is featured prominently in the foreground holding the red egg in her hand. Other symbols of Mary Magdalene's life are featured on this medal as well as the Red Egg, there's the Crucifix, the perfume Bottle symbol of the anointing of Christ's feet by Mary Magdalene in Luke chapter 7, the Skull symbol of her presence at Golgotha, the Angels who attended her, and last but not least the Goblet symbol of the Holy Grail.  The back of the medal features the Rose Stained-glass Window design, and the words St. Mary Magdalene, Beloved of Christ Pray For Us.

After the ascension of Christ to Heaven, Mary Magdalene preached the gospel to many and among them Tiberius Caesar, who it is said, proclaimed publicly to Mary Magdalene as she attended a feast at his palace that it was no more likely that Jesus rose from the dead than it was that the white egg she held in her hand would turn red. As Mary stretched out her hand the egg turned blood red. This was the beginning of the tradition of exchanging red colored eggs at Easter. Mary continued to win converts and devoted many years to solitary penitence and contemplation at a cave known as Sainte Baume in France. Angels fed her daily on the Holy Eucharist and after miraculously moving her to St. Maximim where at 72, she was given last rites, legend has it that she was carried away to heaven by cherubs. You'll note that's how the great master Domenichino portrayed her.