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Sterling Silver
Caravaca Cross

This is a genuine Sterling Silver Caravaca Cross. It is being sold on a 24 inch Endless* stainless steel chain. It is 2" tall  by 1" wide. The design is intricate, as you can see from the enlarged photo. The back of the cross is smooth and bears the Sterling Silver mark.

The banner at the top features the text "INRI", then on the second horizontal bar are Christ's Greek initials in Roman text "IHS" and the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega (also in Roman text "AM". Beneath Christ at the foot of the cross is His mother, and below her the Skull and cross bones symbol. Some versions of the Caravaca cross have two angels or cherubs at the base; this one does not.

(an Endless chain has no clasp to mess with, it just slips right over your head)

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Below  is a product photo provided by the Manufacturer.

OR If you'd like to purchase the cross by itself without a chain....

Our Price: $67.00
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This smaller Caravaca cross  is approximately 1&1/2 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide on an Endless 24 inch Stainless Steel chain.

Our Price: $51.00
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This is a smaller  version of the one listed above.

Gold Filled versions of these crosses are available for sale by clicking HERE