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Sterling Silver
Cross of Lorraine

This is a genuine Sterling Silver Cross of Lorraine. It is being sold on a 24 inch Endless* stainless steel chain. It is approximately 1&3/4" tall  by 1&1/4" wide. The emblem of the Merovingian Line which traces it's lineage through Our Girl, Mary Magdalene, it is also claimed by the French, Joan of Arc, and Allied soldiers who served in France during World War II. The back of the cross is smooth and bears the Sterling Silver mark.

Each Cross is individually die struck and hand finished with bright cuts. Each a work of art, no two exactly alike, you'll be royally proud to wear it.

(an Endless chain has no clasp to mess with, it just slips right over your head)

Our Price: $52.50
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Got a big Head? Do you need a Longer Endless Chain? Lots of People do, that's why we're also offering this cross with a 27 inch Endless Stainless Steel Heavy Curb style chain. Because it's Endless, there is no clasp to mess with, it just slips over your head.

Our Price: $55.00
Shipping for this item is free!


This smaller version of the cross in Sterling Silver is approximately 1 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide.

It is being offered by itself, carded, without a chain.......

Our Price: $25.00
Shipping on this item is free!



Gold Filled versions of these crosses are available for sale by clicking HERE