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12 kt Gold Filled
Cross of Lorraine

This is a genuine 12kt Gold Filled Cross of Lorraine. 

 It is approximately 1&3/4" tall  by 1&1/4" wide.  

The emblem of the Merovingian Line which traces it's lineage through Our Girl, Mary Magdalene, it is also claimed by the French, Joan of Arc, and Allied soldiers who served in France during World War II. The back of the cross is smooth and bears the 12KT Gold Filled mark.

Each Cross is individually die struck and hand finished with bright cuts. Each a work of art, no two exactly alike, you'll be royally proud to wear it.

Purchase the cross by itself, carded without a chain....

Our Price: $55.00
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We have only two left of the 12kt gold filled crosses. 

The manufacturer no longer makes them in 12kt gold filled. Their new gold filled process has twice as much gold on the front and back and uses 14kt gold instead of 12kt gold. 

The result is a product that has the true look and feel of 14kt  solid yellow gold at a fraction of the price. That price is only about  a tenth of the price of solid 14kt gold but it is still twice the cost of the 12kt gold filled beauties that we have here. 


*What is gold filled? Gold filled or gold overlay is a process of pressure bonding a thin layer of gold to a base metal core (usually brass). Gold filled (unlike gold plating) has an actual layer of gold, giving it more value and making it tarnish-resistant.