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Does it foretell your Future, or read your current Mood?

Either way its the most fun you can have for a buck.

Pull it out of your purse or wallet and you're instantly the center of attention.

 I recently had the opportunity of sharing the amazing
Fortune Teller Fish with a *focus group and here's what I heard: 

  • Angie says, "I'ts  Perfect, it's flat you can put it in a Christmas Card, and its fun."

  • How does it do that? asked another.

  •  What does it mean when it rolls up in a circle? 

  • That is just freaky!

  • Let Me Try It!  I'm next.

  • This is cool, does it work off of body heat, or static electricity?

This little red celophane-y fish is a more fun than a kettle of fish, and believe me that's a lot of fun.  It is small and flat when you take it out of its plastic envelope, but when you place it in the palm of your hand it begins to move. How it moves is different on different people. How to interpret the meaning is indicated on the back of the plastic pouch.

This is obviously a novelty fish that is meant purely for fun. And everyone I've ever seen reacts with curiosity and amusement. Even the shy wall flower, blossoms. Pick up a few to share with friends or enclose in Greeting Cards. If you're attending a casual party, take several as a Hostess Gift that she can distribute among the party goers. Truly it's a Lark.

Though it is almost undetectable except in bright light, there are fish features drawn on the fish and the instructions:

Place the fish in the palm of the hand. The movements will indicate your fortune. Keep fish in envelope when not in use.

This product is made in Taiwan. (Our political and democratic allies) It is intended for ages 5 and up.

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* By focus group, I mean my friends house with her husband, three sons aged 10-19, present and a steady stream of visitors that called on the family through the course of that day.