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Congratulations to Tina from Texas our first Riddle Me This winner...There will be two winners of this contest before it is closed...YOU CAN STILL WIN TOO!

One Day at Detective School
derived from a Robert Gray Unsolved Riddle

Six forensic students were studying photographs of seven criminals. The criminals were given letter designations instead of names: PQRSTU&V. After looking at the full-face photos for awhile their instructor showed the students another picture of each criminal, this time in profile and without the labels. For that day's pop quiz the budding detectives were asked to look at each photo and write down each criminal's letter designation in the order that the pictures were presented. The six students turned in their papers and the results are listed below:

  1. P  Q  R  S  T  U  V
  2. P  Q  R  U  T  S  V
  3. P  S  U  V  R  T  Q
  4. P  S  Q  U  R  T  V
  5. P  U  R  V  T  S  Q
  6. R  P  U  Q  T  S  V

The instructor posted the papers on the class website and announced that he was pleased with the results because each criminal had been correctly identified by at least one of the students. He also noted that each student had a different number of correct answers. He then announced that a true detective could tell what order the photographs were presented in. Can you tell?

The first two people who send the correct solution listing the proper order in which the pictures were shown, along with an address where you'd like your prize shipped, to the email address listed below will win a St. Mary Magdalene oxidized silvertone medal on a 24 inch rope style silvertone chain. The medal will ship with a small black flocked pouch with drawstrings.



Don't forget to send your name and return address with your solution, so I can send you your prize.