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St. Thomas Aquinas is the Patron Saint of scholars and students. Lived c.1225-1274. Feast day Jan. 28th. Was a Benedictine oblate from age 5, later joined the Dominicans. He was a towering intellect and was regarded as the greatest theological master of Christianity*


The Aquinas Catechism
author:  St. Thomas Aquinas

A Simple Explanation of the Catholic Faith by the Church's Greatest Theologian with foreword by Ralph Mc Inerny



Guide to Thomas Aquinas
author:  Josef Pieper
"The purpose of these lectures is to sketch, against the background of his times and his life, a portrait of Thomas Aquinas as he truly concerns philosophical-minded persons today, not merely as a historical personage, but as a thinker who has something to say in our own era. I earnestly hope that the speculative attitude which was Thomas' most salient trait as Christianity's 'universal teacher' will emerge clearly and sharply from my exposition." Josef Pieper

"One of the best introductions to the thought of Saint Thomas by one of the leading figures in the Thomistic revival" Ralph Mc Inerny


Saint Thomas Aquinas
author: G. K. Chesterton

Saint Thomas The Dumb Ox:
a sketch of the life and thought of St. Thomas Aquinas

"..Chesterton's Aquinas is a man of mystery, born into a noble Neapolitan family, Thomas chose the life of a mendicant friar. lumbering and shy - his classmates dubbed him the 'Dumb Ox' - he led a revolution in Christian thought....

(from the back cover)

  Aquinas's Shorter Summa
author:  Saint Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas's own concise version of his Summa Theologica