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MM in Art MM Iconography The Golden Legend MM Iconography Unattibuted MM Data Life of Mary Magdalene New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia on MM - Warning they start out calling her an adulterer! Wikipedia on MM - A Good Article with lots of pics MM in Movies MM Books Gospel of Mary Turning of the Red Egg More Red Egg Lore

The Blessing of the Red Eggs Annual Orthodox Easter Ceremony
The Mary Magdalene Gallery
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The Legends of Mary Magdalene Medallion: In Gold, Gold-filled, and Sterling Silver
More Affordable Goldplate and Silverplate Legends Medals
Traditional Mary Magdalene Medals: Sterling Silver
Traditional Mary Magdalene Medals: Gold-filled
Et in Arcadia Ego: Puzzles and article by Tracy R. Twyman
Gospel of Mary
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Photo by Rich N Famous, Mary Magdalene in Stained Glass at St. Joseph Church, Oil City, PA