Pro-Life Rosaries


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The Pro-Life Rosary


The Pro-Life rosary has the same:
Prayer at the Crucifix
“Lord, for all those who say ‘I don’t believe,’ I say ‘I believe in God.’” Continue with the Apostles’ Creed.
Prayer at the first Our Father bead
Offer the first Our Father prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father

Prayer at the three purple Hail Mary beads
Purple represents the Lord’s Passion and Death. Pray “Lord, I offer these three Hail Mary’s for an increase in Faith, Hope and Love in all people so that all people will always choose life, and I also offer them in reparation for the suffering you endure each time an unborn baby is killed, each time someone is euthanized, each time death overcomes life in this world. Amen.”

First Decade
After stating the daily Mystery, pray “Dear Lord, dear Mother Mary, on every aqua bead in this decade I pray for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and on every white bead I pray for peace in our world. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us. Amen.”

Second Decade
After stating the Mystery, pray “Jesus, Source of Mercy; Mary, Bearer of Mercy, on every red bead I pray in reparation for the blood spilled from every baby murdered through abortion. I know that even as you hold and comfort each of these precious little ones, the horror of their slaughter screams for justice to be meted out upon our world. May the red ‘Hail Mary’s’ be a source of reparation for our sin. I also offer each white ‘Hail Mary’ for the mothers and fathers of these aborted little ones, that they may receive the grace to repent of this sin, turn to Jesus, and receive the gift of salvation with open hearts. Our Lord, heal them of the emotional and psychological wounds that this sin has caused as you pour out the graces of conversion upon them. Let them now witness for life. Amen.”

Third Decade
After stating the mystery, pray “Lord Jesus; Mother Mary, in this decade I offer reparation for all the sins of the medical personnel that act in the interests of death in our society and in our world. I plead also for their conversion to your truth. Let them see the truth of what they are doing, see the horror of it, rend their hearts in repentance, then work for life and for you, Jesus, all the rest of their days. Amen.”

Fourth Decade
After stating the mystery for the day, pray “Lord Jesus, Source of All Truth; Mary, Our Lady of All Peoples, with every red ‘Hail Mary’ I pray that every evil, anti-life law in our nation and world be reversed. With every white ‘Hail Mary’ I plead protection and strengthening of every pro-life law in existence; and with every blue ‘Hail Mary’ I petition for new and strong pro-life laws to be enacted in our nation and in our world. Amen.”

Fifth Decade
After stating the mystery, pray “Lord Jesus, I thank you for your incarnation. You were formed in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and your humanity is the source of our humanity from the moment of our conception. Had Satan had his way, you too would have been torn from your mother’s womb, never to be born, and never to fulfill your destiny. On every green ‘Hail Mary’ I thank you for those who in any way work for life. Give them continued courage, strength, peace of heart, and love. Protect them from all evil and increase their witness in this nation and in the world. Strengthen their families to understand the importance of their work and to support them in their stand for life. “Mary, our mother, join us in our intercession for the end of all pro-death, pro-choice activities. With Christ crush the head of evil in our nation, our world, and in our personal lives. Roll back the crimson holocaust. With every white ‘Hail Mary’ of the decade advance the cause of your divine Son, Jesus, the incarnate Word. Amen.”