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Mary Magdalene Lore

Click her for more info on this Dwayna Wisdom & Where's My Jewelry? original designMary Magdalene was said to have traveled throughout the Mediterranean preaching the Gospel of Jesus in the years that followed his crucifixion and resurrection. She was, it is said of royal lineage and was received at all the best palaces on the social circuit at the time. One such visit was to Tiberius Caesar's home in Rome  Mary was said to have told with great animation the story of Jesus' appearance to her upon his resurrection.  Mary employed an egg to illustrate the concept of being born to a new life. Tiberius Caesar evidently skeptical of her story is said to have said that the likelihood that Jesus rose from the dead was about the same likelihood that the white egg she held in her hand would turn red. At that moment as she held out her hand the egg turned  red. This is supposed to be the origin of the centuries old custom of exchanging red eggs at Easter in the Byzantine East.


Icon by Nicholas Papas (St. Philip Antiochian Orthodox Church, Souderton, PA.)  

  Holy Card Art by Bridge Building Images

The artwork on the right side which depicts Mary Magdalene holding the Egg is done by Bridge Building Images and the link under the image will take you to the Bridge Building Images site which features the artwork.

The artwork below on the left is done by Robert Lentz ,whose card design and a brief narrative on the site which re-tells the Red Egg story used to be featured on Bridge Building Site too. I just love their site, I just found another image of Mary Magdalene with the red egg on their site. the image on the right side is done by Lu Bro at the same Bridge Building Images site. I encourage you to check out the links embedded in this story. The artist at Bridge Building Images have done some lovely work.


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